The oddness of phonetic english

Last week someone gave me a really unusual book: Edition 11 of Decimal Clasification and Relativ Index by Melvil Dewey. Which is interesting because it is written in phonetic English.  The library at my employer was having a clear-out and this was one of the books destined for the skip. Or something.

I’m not really an advocate of phonetic English because I think that English spelling is charming. The oddness and inconsistency amuse me.

But language is dynamic and spellings and usage change. That’s how it should be and it happens naturally.

The introduction is written with as many changes as could be and the rest of the book with more minor changes. According to the introduction this is to ease the changes in gently so they would be more readily adopted by the general public. But I guess it never really took off.


I’m covering some extra work at the moment while we’re temporarily short-staffed. Some of that work has to do with the standardization of plugs.

Which turns out to be fascinating. There are fourteen different types of plugs. Who knew? Well, probably lots of people, but not me.

The country with the greatest diversity of plug use is Jordan, which has seven different types in use.

For more fascinating plug facts, there is the World Plugs website.


Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops

This charming little book was a gift and is not something I would have picked up for myself. Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell is a collection of funny things customers have said to salespeople in Ripping Yarns, the Edinburgh Bookshop and others.

Some of the quotes are hilarious and some are a little tragic. But it’s very amusing and made me think that working in a bookshop might not be as relaxing as it seems! It makes a lovely gift 🙂

Not 50 Shades of Grey

So, loads of people are reading this book which is apparently pornographic fanfic of Twilight. Seeing as Twilight was offensive enough, but not IMHO that badly written, I didn’t want to read something worse. But, so many people are talking about it that I really want to have an opinion.

Fortunately for me, the amazing Jennifer Armintrout is doing an hilarious chapter by chapter take down of this ridiculous book. It calls out all the abusive bullshit masquerading as a consensual BDSM relationship as well as the inconsistent, illogical, bad writing. So very funny.