Hub, Issue 74

Well, this isn’t quite turning out to be the ‘daily writing exercise to get me motivated to work on my novel’ or ‘small writing thing I can do every day so that job hunting doesn’t take over completely’ activity that I imagined when I started. Still, I’m not one to give up just because something doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would.

I’m quite behind on reviews of Hub – and they seem to have got back to their weekly schedule – so I’ll try to catch up this week.

Issue 74 has a new design. It’s ok. It’s clean and simple and doesn’t detract from the content, all of which are very good things.

The story is The Astronomer of Baghdad by Matt Keefe. It’s a tale of cursed mummies, fabulous treasure and greedy men. I liked the formal, archaic style of the writing that supported the setting of the story. Something I find jarring, which really disturbs my ability to suspend my disbelief and commit to the world of the story, is a contemporary tone, idiom, or contemporary attitudes or behaviours on the part of the characters in an historical setting. This story nicely avoided that. I liked it.

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