New Plan

For the last few months, I’ve been prioritising job hunting over writing. I’ve just missed out on a job that I had two interviews for and I haven’t found anything to apply for in over three weeks. It’s getting me down a little.

It feels like my life is on hold until I get some income. My hard drive got fried some time ago and I lost a lot of stuff, including most of my writing. It is possibly recoverable but I haven’t sent the disk away yet. In the meantime I’ve been copy typing my novel, Sacrifice. I prefer to edit on paper, so luckily I have a hard copy. It’s been quite a useful process and has allowed me to resolve some problems I was having with it – and to create a new list of problems!

I haven’t been socialising much either. There were some changes in my friendship group at the end of last year and normally I would deal with that by getting out and meeting new people. But that costs money so I’ve been putting it off until I got a job. But that’s been taking a bit longer than I expected.

So – new plan. Instead of life being on hold until I get some income, I’m going to make some changes. Mornings are for writing – working on Sacrifice, blogging and other bits and pieces. Since this is supposed to be a blog about writing, I will keep a record of my progress. Afternoons are for jobhunting and chores.

As for my social life, well, I’m sure that I’m shutting myself away unnecessarily and not everything has to cost lots. There’s a committee for regenerating my local park that I was interested in getting involved in, but didn’t because they met on a Monday and I was going to dance class on a Monday. I’m not going dancing for a while – it’s expensive – so I will go to the next meeting on the 19th.

Writing progress for today – typed up 2,300 words of Sacrifice. Wrote this post and a couple of Hub reviews for future posting. Yes, sometimes I prepare stuff in advance. Mostly the reviews.

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