What do you like about yourself

Last week From Sand to Glass had a post listing five things he likes about himself and asked his readers to pass it on. So here’s mine.

1. I’m a thinker. I like to analyse and I like to understand at a really deep level. I think about things in their own right and how they connect to other things.

2. My imagination. I can be anywhere I want to be at any time; I can see the world how I choose to see it. I love making up stories.

3. My hair. It’s long and thick and grows quickly.

4. My sense of humour. I’ve been accused of not having one because I don’t like Peter Kay or Little Britain, but I think I have a highly developed sense of the ridiculous and I spend a lot of time laughing. I also think I’m funny.

5. I have a moral code that I’ve given some thought to and includes fairness, tolerance, inclusivity and compassion. It’s still in development, but I’ve given some thought to the concept of right and wrong and come up with my own sense of morality. I like the fact that I didn’t get it out of a book or just accept what I was taught when I was growing up even if that makes me different to the people around me.

So there we go. It’s an interesting exercise. I found I was tempted to say I was kind or tolerant or a good friend but it’s not about what other people have said they like about me, it’s about what I like. And now it’s about what you like about you. Pass it on.

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