The Third Step will get published!

A while ago, Pantechnicon accepted a second short story from me. The Third Step was supposed to go into Issue 9 but didn’t make it. Then Pantechnicon had to close and I thought, well, that’s that then. I suppose I better send it off to some other places.

I didn’t. Life has been very much on hold this year. A very large part of the last ten months has been taken up with the need to secure permanent employment. That is still the case and will be for the foreseeable future. I’ve been lucky to get a temporary contract and be earning enough to pay the mortgage, eat and buy a few nice things. It still means that every spare moment is eaten up by job hunting and it still feels very insecure.

Yesterday I had some good news. Pantechnicon will be putting out two final issues alongside Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. My story had got lost between editors; now it’s been found again, they’d like to publish it in the final issue of Pantechnicon, which will come out in April 2010.

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