Writing goals for 2011

Last year I said my writing goal was to finish my work-in-progress, Sacrifice. I didn’t do it. I added 10,000 words, came up with a better working title (Immortal), and re-wrote some parts of what I’d already written. It was all going well up until August. Then I hit a bad patch writing-wise; I got really busy at work and I had some stress in my private life at the same time. Those two things left me with very little energy for writing.

Happily, things are easing and I’m writing again. So, my first writing goal for 2011 is simply to make more progress on Sacrifice. I want to get to 75,000 words and I want to get it ready for submission.

I had hoped that I would have a short story published this year but the ezine that had accepted it went under. So, my second writing goal for 2011 will be to submit that story to other markets and either get it accepted or collect six rejections.

What are your writing goals for 2011?

4 thoughts on “Writing goals for 2011

  1. Seems 2010 was the year for writer's block…My goal this year: Write another novel. Detailed planning has begun and it should be ready to begin very soon. I'm aiming for another 80,000 word piece, and as long as I don't suffer the problems I had in 2010, I should finish it within the year. I also want to get my last piece ready for submission. So hopefully 2011 will bring us both good luck.xx

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