London Book Fair 2011 – I

I’m going to the London Book Fair today. For the first time. Where I will wear a badge proclaiming that I’m an author and I will probably be too shy to talk to anyone about my work. I will post my adventures later in the week.

5 thoughts on “London Book Fair 2011 – I

  1. Do tell, did you talk, did you explore, did you learn, how did it feel to proclaim to the world you are a writer? I stuttered the first few times I said it aloud, still do. I am a former London dweller. I

  2. Hello! Saw you on my friend's Angie Gumbo Writer – my paternal family name is Snelling/Snellings -all those kin live in Tennessee USA — my hb just did a family tree thingee and it showed Snelling/Snellings way back in England back to 1400 or some such I can't remember.Dang! Who knows – we may be distant long lost cousins or something *laugh*!

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