A-Z blog challenge: C is for Character

A funny thing happened on the way to the end of my novel. I always thought I was more interested in plot and events and writing about the stuff that happens. Characters were just what events happened to, vehicles for moving the story along. My stories grew out of a scene and things developed from there. I thought the scene that inspired the story was about the event, about what was happening.

I realised recently that actually it’s the other way around. I was working on my novel, trying to get to grips with all the elements of it, and I realised I have loads of characters. I’m not sure where they all came from. And while I was putting them into my spreadsheet I realised that each one is quite fleshed out in my mind.

Thinking back to all the scenes that started the fragments of all the stories that are gathering dust on my hard drive, it wasn’t about the events at all. They are all characters searching for a story to be in.

So, weird place to be in. But good.

By the way, I thought a post on characters was a good opportunity to showcase the work of my talented cousin who painted the picture in this post. If you like it, you can see more of her work at her Deviant Art gallery.

5 thoughts on “A-Z blog challenge: C is for Character

  1. I find knowing your characters is good. Knowing them well and understanding how their mind works is even better. That way you know why they make the decisions they do that drives the story.

  2. Oh yes. Martin's 1st character is himself. His second see's Martin wearing his wig in pig-tails and a mini-skirt, and his third sees him in an A-line skirt, blouse and hair held perfectly in place by so much hairspray you could use him to ram a door down with. Lets hope he remembers to keep his last two well shaven…lol

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