A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 13

Chapter 12 – Reek
Reek is in a dungeon eating rats because he is starving. He hears footsteps approach and is terrified because he has been tortured. He has lost some fingers, toes and teeth, is being starved and kept in the dark. He struggles to remember who is – or at least who he’s been told he is. Who is was before is even harder to remember. He recalls that he tried to escape with a girl called Kyra, to go back to Winterfell, but it turned out to be a trap because Lord Ramsay Bolton likes to hunt people. The footsteps belong to two boys, who come in to the dungeon and mock him. He begs to be left alone but Ramsay wants him. The boys are Little Walder and Big Walder. They take Reek into the castle, where Ramsay and his men are dining. Ramsay has two guests, one of whom recognises that Reek is Theon Greyjoy, white-haired and three stone thinner.
Ramsay says that he’s going to marry Arya Stark and he wants Reek to come with him, as a sobered, obedient Theon.
Oh boy. That was just awful. Sure, Theon was an arse, and a bit of nasty piece of work, but no one deserves that. Eugh. It was horrible, and I feel a bit sick after reading that. But, hang on, why would Ramsay want Theon at the wedding? Does he want Theon to tell him whether or not it’s the real Arya? I thought the Bolton’s were in on the plan.

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