A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 14

Chapter 13 – Bran

Bran and his party are at the bottom of a steep climb up to a door in the mountainside. They are frozen and starving. The elk died and they ate it. It lasted for a week but that was all. Coldhands seems to be expecting Others. Jojen is nearly done for. Bran tries to motivate them all. He knows through Summer that the three wolves are following.

They start the climb. It’s steep and slippery and they are almost there when Hodor slips and falls. Bran is crushed beneath him and then wights start crawling out of the ground. They’ve been ambushed. Bran is thrown out of his basket. He slips into Hodor’s skin; for all his size and strength, Hodor doesn’t know how to fight and is terrified. Without Bran he would die. Meera, Coldhands, Summer and Hodor are fighting hard but the zombies are really hard to kill. Bran sees someone set the zombies on fire which gives them time to get into the cave. The cave is warded which means that the zombies can’t get in but also means Coldhands can’t come with them.

The someone turns out to be a child of the forest. She leads them down inside the mountain to the three-eyed crow, who is a man on a throne, entwined and pierced through by weirwood roots. Bran thinks that there must be a massive and very old weirwood grove above them. Bran asks if the crow can fix his legs and the crow says he will never walk again, but that he will learn to fly.


That was hairy. Varamyr’s lurking about; I don’t suppose he’s up to any good. So, the three-eyed crow is a man, not a child of the forest, and was once a man of the Night’s Watch. Hmm, wonder who it is.

When Hodor fell, I thought they weren’t going to make it. So what happens now? Who will Bran become?

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