A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 16

Chapter 15 – Davos

Davos lands in White Harbor in the guise of an ordinary sailor. He’s familiar with White Harbor from his smuggling days and notes that the defences seem much better than they were before. In the inner harbour there is a war galley flying Tommen’s arms. Davos walks about for a bit, seeing what’s what. He learns that refugees are flocking to the city and any boy or man that wants it is being given a spearman’s job. He goes to a smugglers tavern and lurks in a shadowy corner, listening for gossip. He doesn’t learn much he didn’t already know, except that no one is talking about how Stannis went to the Wall to save the Seven Kingdoms from the Others, and that a Queen in the East has some dragons. He wonders what he should do for a moment, but in the end he is loyal to Stannis above all else. He goes to the castle.


Basically, the plot point here is that Davos has arrived in White Harbor and is going to see Manderly. Borrell apparently sent him on his way, probably having decided it’s best not to get involved. It feels like quite a lot of padding. There’s repetition of stuff we already know from other POVs and the new information that Manderly seems to be investing quite a lot in his defences, gathering men and building ships. Also, there’s a bit of suspense created. I still don’t know how this is going to pan out.

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