A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 20

Chapter 19 – Davos

Davos is in a well-appointed room waiting the pleasure of Lord Manderly. Despite the comfort of his surroundings, he is a prisoner. Finally, he is brought to the Merman’s Hall to an audience with Lord Manderly. The hall is full of people, Manderlys and their sworn men, as well as a bunch of Freys.

The Freys say that Robb Stark turned into a wolf at the Red Wedding and killed everyone, including Manderly’s son. Davos calls them liars.

Manderly notes that the Freys and Lannisters have put a lot on the table and wonder what Stannis has to offer that would be comparable. He also points out that the Lannisters hold his other son hostage. Davos’ first response is duty; supporting Stannis is the right thing to do. Manderly’s brother asks some pointed questions about the strength of arms Stannis can bring to the field and Davos concedes that it is not much.

Lots of people chip in on one side or the other and in the end Manderly says that Davos hurt White Harbour when he was a smuggler. For that, he will give the Freys and Lannisters what they want and behead him.


The Merman Hall is cool. It’s decorated like an undersea palace and Martin’s description of it is awesome.

Really, I don’t want Davos to die. Not like this. It feels wrong. Northmen are supposed to be all about honour regardless of the personal cost. What do we gain from Davos’ point of view if it’s just leading up to his death? In AFFC we learn via Cersei that Davos dies but I want to believe that it’s a ruse in some way. Just otherwise, it seems a bit pointless.
Oh, and apparently Wylla Manderly has to marry Little Walder. Poor girl.

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