A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 25

Chapter 24 – The Lost Lord

The Golden Company is camped north of Volantis at Volon Therys. Griff takes Aegon and Haldon to meet with them. Twelve years ago he faked his own death to look after Aegon. The man who was Captain-General of the Golden Company was in on the plan but the new one isn’t. Illyrio broke their contract with Myr to send them here for Aegon.

They find Harry Strickland in his tent surrounded by his chiefs. Illyrio’s plan was that Daenerys would be coming west and they would meet her there but Daenerys isn’t coming west, they don’t know why and they can’t get to her. Aegon proposes Tyrion’s plan of going west without her and her dragons. After some debate, the Company agrees.

Jon Connington goes to his own tent after sending Haldon to get Rolly, Lemore and the chests. He takes off his glove and examines his greyscale, which he got saving Tyrion, whom he had begun to trust but now believes has escaped.


Well now, there’s a twist. I don’t want Aegon to conquer Westeros, that’s for Dany. So this little meet up isn’t going to happen and Aegon and company are off to Westeros.

It’s sad that Griff has greyscale. Plus also, Griff is Jon Connington. I’m not wholly sure what that means yet.

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