A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 26

Chapter 25 – Windblown

Quentyn and friends have just fought in the seige of Astapor and are marching north to Yunkai with the rest of the Yunkish army. They are looking for a chance to get away to Meereen. Quentyn feels uneasy because he thinks that it is dishonourable to break the contract he made with the Windblown.

The seige of Astapor was his first experience of fighting and he didn’t like it much. It’s not because he is a coward but because he found it cruel, wasteful and wrong. And they were fighting freed slaves who didn’t have the training to fight back. It was more of a slaughter than a battle.

The Yunkish forces are bizarre and impractical; naked fighting studs, tall men on stilts, grotesqueries and other strange ideas made flesh.

Quentyn and his companions are discussing how and when to betray the Windblown when they are summoned to the tent of the captain-general, the Tattered Prince. He tells them he’s sending his Westerosi north towards Meereen and that they should join the Stormcrows or the Second Sons.


Quentyn Martell is growing on me. He seems like a nice, serious young man, able to do what needs to done, but sensitive to the consequences of his actions. He’s perhaps a little on the dull side, but very worthy. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a bad choice as a husband for Daenerys.

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