A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 36

Chapter 35 – Jon

Jon wants to take six new recruits to say their words to the old gods, which means going north of the Wall. Bowen Marsh says they can swear in the sept but Jon disagrees. He takes a small force and Ghost and goes. He has manned a tower with women and is going to open several others. Some men think the women’s tower is a brothel. He gives Iron Emmett a command.

When they come to the grove they discover nine wildlings including a giant. Jon manages the confrontation with the help of Leathers, who can speak the Old Tongue, and there is no bloodshed. He offers them refuge on the Wall. His men say their words and they return with the wildlings and two corpses.
Stannis writes to say that he’s taken Deepwood Motte and Alysane Mormont joined his side. He’s going to engage the Boltons at Winterfell. Jon reflects on the differences between Robert and Stannis.
What does he want the corpses for? Is he going to make them practice kills? It’s very cool that a giant has joined them. That will help. Seems like Jon is spreading his men very thin.

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