A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 52

Chapter 51 – Theon

Winterfell is still hearing horns and drums but there is no sign of the enemy. Theon remembers Old Nan’s tales of storms that lasted for years. Roose Bolton’s wife, Fat Walda, is pregnant. Ramsay is in a bad mood and Theon is afraid he’ll know what he has planned. He tells Abel that Ramsay will use his women as prey. Ramsay and Roose are arguing. Walda is looking fearful.

The plan is to steal Arya. He almost told the truth but didn’t want to ruin his chance to get away.

Little Walder is the latest casualty and it is not one of Abel’s murders. The Frey’s accuse the White Harbor men. Manderly says he’s lucky to be dead because if he’d lived he’d have grown up a Frey. There is a scuffle, Manderly is cut and others are injured. Bolton stops it and says Stannis’ host is three days march

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