The Quest

The Quest by Wilbur Smith is apparently the fourth book in a series (that once again I haven’t read the rest of), but I didn’t know that until I read the jacket blurb to write this post.

According to the blurb, Egypt is beset by plagues and the Pharaoh has summoned a warlock to save the country.
I didn’t get very far at all  with this. On the train I found I’d rather stare out the window than read this. I couldn’t connect at all with the characters. I think it is trying to take a mythic tone, but doesn’t quite pull it off which gives it a very insubstantial feel.
I remember reading a couple of Wilbur Smith’s novels when I was younger and quite enjoying them. This wasn’t the same at all and I’d give it a miss, unless you’re already a fan.

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