Things I have liked this week


Deficits are a girl’s best friend. Or, running a country is not the same as balancing a household budget. Take that, free marketeers! Via Ms Magazine.


The picture at this blog shows exactly why reading is important. I’m also going to take on her comments about identifying my writing strengths.  
Astronomy Picture of the Day!
A starry night over Dubai. Or not, because of the light pollution. But the photographic effect is still pretty cool.

Things I’ve liked this week

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Atlantis’ last approach to the International Space Station. A view from the space station of the shuttle with the Bahamas in the background.

Pagan stuff
A silly little story that amused me – a Christian group opposed a meeting of Pagans and threatened a protest, but while loads of Pagans turned up, no Christians did. Via A Bad Witch’s Blog.

Writing stuff
A useful post on making the most of the feedback you get from critique groups and editors from the Blog.