7 random facts about me

Via KLo, whose stories were lovely.

1. I’m a Raqs Sharqi dancer.
I’ve always thought belly dance was beautiful and wanted to try it. Five or six years ago I went to a raqs sharqi class because it was the nearest thing to belly dance in my area. And I fell in love with it. I haven’t been dancing much for the last couple of years as I’ve been ill and not physically up to it but I do still dance around the house occasionally. Last Saturday night I went to concert of tribal fusion belly dance and raqs sharqi concert and had so much fun. There was an hour of free dancing afterwards and a bazaar of pretty, shiny things.

2. I like sprouts.
They’re an acquired taste, but I love the brassica family of vegetables in general and sprouts are yummy. However, I don’t like the whole roast dinner thing as it has too many other things I don’t like such as stuffing, yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes. I’m not keen on beef or pork either.

3. My first crush was on Basil Brush.
I was four and I’ve had appalling taste in men ever since!
4. I want to live in a castle.

I want stone floors (with underfloor heating, obvs), tapestries, ramparts and vast oak tables. I want red velvet curtains from floor to ceiling and iron chanderliers and a four poster bed to sleep in. It would be even better if it were one of those with wooden panels between the posts, so I could essentially sleep in a box.

5. I’m currently addicted to reality TV.
It started with Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice. It’s getting out of control and I’m not sure what it is that’s so compelling (although partly I think it’s because there’s little else to watch). So, while I’m writing this I’m watching Tool Academy. I can’t get enough of America’s Next Top Model. And Dancing on Ice, or Got to Dance. I have ordered a book from Amazon that will explain to me what is going on.

6. I have a teddy bear that is 35 years old.
I was given a bear when I was six months old that went with me everywhere. It has been through the washing machine loads and is still in good condition. It’s called Smokey and I still take it to bed when I’m feeling sorry for myself.

7. This is my idea of male physical beauty.

🙂 Which of course says nothing about personality or connection. It’s just what I like to look at. 🙂

You know the drill…

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