A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 18

Chapter 17 – Jon

Jon goes beneath Castle Black to check the stores with Dolorous Edd and Bowen Marsh. There seems like a lot of food but Marsh says that with Stannis’ men and the wildlings what should have lasted 3-4 years will only last one year. Jon thinks it’s colder than it should be beneath the Wall.

When he surfaces he finds Stannis wants to see him. Stannis is planning to attack the Dreadfort and wants arms and armour. They discuss half the Umbers declaring for Stannis. Jon says they can’t take the Dreadfort and recommends they ask the mountain clans to join them, then go to take Deepwood Motte. Stannis likes this idea. Melisandre is staying at the Wall.


Someone needs to take down the Boltons and it might as well be Stannis. But can he do it? Men don’t follow Stannis for love.

So there’s not much food at Castle Black, compounded by not being able to go out ranging. That’s going to be a problem. Plus, Melisandre staying at the Wall can only be bad news. Jon’s idea to get the wildlings to defend the Wall is a really good one. Let’s hope he can make it stick.

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