A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 19

Chapter 18 – Tyrion

Tyrion and Griff’s party are in the Sorrows, part of the River Rhoyne which is shrouded in fog. There are tales of sorcery and strange creatures, but it seems to be a colony for those afflicted with greyscale. They approach the Bridge of Dreams, the dangerous last part before where the fog should end and Griff sends Young Griff below. He doesn’t want to go. There follows an altercation where Tyrion reveals he knows who Young Griff is – Aegon, Rhaegar’s son and Daenerys’ nephew. Tyrion also reveals who he is.
Then some stone men (the ones with greyscale) jump on the ship. They fight two of them off. The third is going for Young Griff who freezes in terror. Tyrion jumps to the rescue and drives the stone man to the edge. The man goes overboard – and so does Tyrion, sinking beneath the water.
I did not see that coming. Aegon was supposed to have had his head smashed in by Gregor but clearly that was not true. Plots within plots. Where does this leave Daenerys? Aegon’s claim is better than hers.
And I don’t believe Tyrion is dead for a second, even if Martin is trying hard to make me believe it. That cliff hanger, character death, chapter ending is getting a bit common, and it’s been a while since Martin killed off someone unexpectedly. I’m not buying it this time!

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