Things I have liked this week

Astronomy picture of the day
Lots to choose from this week, so I’ve picked two: this summer triangle over Catalonia and this castle and meteor by moonlight.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Went to see this on Friday and I enjoyed it much more than I expected. The CGI was very well done. I was expecting a fun romp but the film was much more than that. Having seen it, I really want to see a remake of the original.
Starting a new writing project
After nearly three years of working on Immortal/Sacrifice I’ve decided it is time to move on. I’ve learnt so much about writing a novel with this project but I’ve reached the point where I need to take that and start something new. I said I would do the next one differently and am going to start with planning it out and building up my world. I’m very excited about the new WIP, working title Wormfeeder.

2 thoughts on “Things I have liked this week

  1. Yes, it's not closed off completely. It's boxed and filed and if I feel the urge I can go back to it whenever I like. Having said that, now I'm getting some distance from it, I'm beginning to see what I was frustrated about. Those things are quite fundamental and I don't think a rewrite will fix them. But I can carry that learning into a fresh, new project and create something I'm happier with.

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