A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 29

Chapter 28 – Jon

Jon is sending out rangers and includes Alliser Thorne in the group. Thorne thinks that Jon’s looking for an excuse to kill him, but it has more to do with his lack of experienced men.

Jon missing sparring so he challenges some trainees and is obviously miles better than them. Then Rattleshirt challenges him and they have a good old set to. Rattleshirt seems physically different to Jon but he dismisses it as an effect of the armour.

Later on, he can’t sleep so goes out walking with Ghost. Melisandre sneaks up on him and he thinks that she’s Ygritte to start with. She tells him Arya will come on a dying horse and that three of his rangers will die. She says he and Ghost have power and that she and Jon should make power together.


Melisandre clearly glamoured herself to look like Ygritte. That’s creepy.

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