A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 30

Chapter 29 – Davos
Davos has spent two weeks as a prisoner waiting to be killed, but he is being treated pretty well. He writes letters to his wife and sons.
Then Robett Glover arrived and asks Davos to come with him. He tells Davos that Stannis has taken Deepwood Motte, that Roose Bolton has taken Moat Cailin and Ramsay will wed Arya Stark. Glover says neither he nor Manderly will kill him.
They go through a secret way under the castle. Glover tells him he’s supposed to be dead already. They come out in a room where Lord Manderly is waiting. He apologises for the reception he gave Davos in the Merman’s Court and tells him that his son Wylis has come home from Kings Landing. There is a welcome feast in progress and his Frey guests think he is in the privy.
Manderly tells Davos they faked his death and what happened in the Merman’s Court was for the benefit of the Freys. He says he doesn’t believe what the Frey’s say about the Red Wedding. Davos’ arrival gave Manderly a way to prove his loyalty and get his son back. He says he is surrounded by Freys, watched all the time.
Davos says Stannis will give them justice. Manderly and Glover say there is still a Stark. They produce Wex, a mute who was Theon’s squire and who followed Rickon and Shaggydog when they left Winterfell. Wex knows where he is and they want Davos to go and get him.
Yay! Rickon and Shaggydog! I’ve missed them. And I’m also pleased Davos didn’t die. Manderly is way more cunning than anyone things.

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