A Read of A Dance with Dragons – Part 23

Chapter 22 – Tyrion

By the time Tyrion wakes up they have docked at Selharys. Haldon tells him to check for signs of greyscale, that Lemore saved him and he may never know that he hasn’t got greyscale. He eats. The others go ashore for provisions.

Aegon has to stay aboard but is not happy about it. He and Tyrion play cyvasse. They discuss Daenerys and Tyrion asks why Aegon thinks Daenerys would want him. She has achieved so much and what can Aegon offer her? Tyrion says he would be best off going to Westeros and raising his banners. Then she will come to him because she is a rescuer. Aegon gets bratty.

The others return with news for Griff. It appears that Volantis is arguing for war. Haldon is sent to get more information and takes Tyrion with him. They listen to a red priest arguing that supporters of R’hllor should support Daenerys as she is Azor Ahai reborn.

They then go to an inn and speak with a customs man who says that Volantis will go to war against her. The Wise Masters are splashing the cash and all the other cities are against her as well. On the way back Tyrion wants a whore. Haldon lets him go. He is looking for Tysha but, of course, she’s not there. He gets drunk as well as laid. On the way out he is captured by a knight, with bear arms, who says he’s going to take him to the Queen.


Yay! Tyrion’s not dead, and back on form.

The Meereen situation feels like what happened to Haiti after the revolution. Economies that use slaves cannot tolerate an example of free slaves ruling themselves right next door. Just as all the powers of the eighteenth century refused to trade with the new nation of Haiti (thus driving the country into poverty), the free cities are refusing to trade with Meereen. Not only refusing to trade but actively disrupting Daenerys’ every effort to trade.
Who is the knight? I think it’s probably Jorah. Which Queen is he taking Tyrion to? Cersei or Daenerys?
Aegon comes off spoilt and immature, especially compared to Daenerys. Tyrion’s description of Daenerys makes her sound awesome.

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